Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy, Will You Play Marbles With Me?

I responded with a "no" and continued to communicate my laundry list of tasks to her little face. Something caused me to stop. I decided to play for just 1 minute to appease her.

As we played, I found myself remembering something I had long forgotten. As a young girl, I was so fascinated with these colorful glass balls, that I would collect them. Different colors and sizes, I always found them so beautiful, so alluring. You could do so much with them - the possibilities were endless. I had forgotten how much I truly enjoyed them as a child. And now, here I was with my own child, playing a simple game of marbles watching her delight in them. While we organized them by color, I recounted my marble stories with her and she listened intently. At that moment, we had so much in common. A moment I only wish I could have been frozen forever.

And to think I almost missed it. Not only recalling the innocent joy of collecting marbles - but even more, seeing my daughter's joy and excitement all while playing a simple game of marbles. Stopping midst the busyness was the best thing I could have done.

Elizabeth, will you play marbles with me?


Rob Stevens said...

I can hear God saying to you..."Well done...good and faithful could have made many choices but you chose the most excellant play marbles with Elizabeth!"

georgia b. said...

i love this, mary. so precious.

and how cute is that marble butterfly? did you make it, or elizabeth? or both?

Caroline said...

Found you through Georgia... I do the same with my kids, saying "no" too much. I let tasks get in the way of play...thank you for this reminder!

P.S. I loved marbles too!!!

Claire said...

mary i am glad that georgia sent me over.

Sandy K. said...

You brought back many memories with this post...the marbles, and the "no" to your child. My children are adults now, with children of their own, and I am finding I must not have said "no" as often as I thought:). I spend a lot of time on the phone with them (they live far away) - my way of making sure there are enough "yeses" in their lives with their mom.